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Prescription Spectacles & Sunglass Lenses

We are proud to primarily use Essilor lenses who are world leaders in prescription lenses.  Essilor offer a wide variety of high-quality solutions to suit all your vision needs. Everyone has unique eyes and vision needs, so whether you need prescription lenses that correct your eyesight or lenses that protect your eyes from harm and discomfort, we have the solution for you. Using cutting-edge technology, our dispensers take a series of unique measurements for each patient in order to create one-of-a-kind bespoke lenses to give you the most clear, comfortable, natural vision possible. Our team of Optometrists and dispensers work very closely together with you to determine the best type of lens for your lifestyle. Our lens options include single vision, eyezen, progressive, occupational, and bifocal lenses.

Lens Treatments & Add-ons


Transitions are light intelligent lenses that offer comfort, convenience and style. The lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions, from clear to dark when you go outdoors and back to clear when you return inside. By optimising the amount of light your eyes receive, it helps to reduce glare, eyestrain and fatigue. All transition lenses block 100% of UV rays and also help to protect against harmful blue light emitted from the sun as well as digital screens.

There are three different types of transitions with a large range of colours, meaning you can personalise any frame and express your own style.

  • Transitions signature: This is the fastest and most responsive lens in all lighting and temperature conditions which is achieved by using exclusive Chromea7 technology.

    Transition signature lenses are available in grey, graphite green and brown, as well as the new style colors range which offers emerald green, sapphire, amethyst and amber.

  • Transitions XTRActive: These lenses go extra dark outside to protect you from even the harshest sunlight. They also darken behind the windscreen of the car so are great for those people who do a lot of driving. These are available in grey, graphite green and brown.

  • Transitions Vantage: This lens is clear indoors while exhibiting variable polarisation outdoors to match the level of glare. This ensures vibrant, sharper vision that stays true to colour. Transitions Vantage are available in grey.

Anti-reflection multi-coats

Anti-reflective coatings can be applied to your glasses to allow better protection from harmful light, better clarity of vision and better comfort. Crizal coatings by Essilor are approved by the Cancer society for UV protection. The coatings filter UV exposure from the front and back of the lens offering an E-SPF of up to 35. We are exposed to UV rays all year around and it is important to protect your eyes like you do your skin. This can reduce the risk of skin cancers on the eyelids, accelerated aging of the eye and cataracts. Anti-reflective coatings also provide complete protection against reflections, scratches, smudges, dust and water to ensure longevity of your lenses.

  • Crizal Forte UV – See better, look better and feel better with Crizal Forte UV no-glare lenses. This coating provides superior clarity of vision while providing UV protection of E-SPF 25. Therefore, these lenses protect your eyes 25x more than if you had no protection at all.

  • Crizal Prevencia – This coating focuses on limiting the effects of harmful blue light which is emitted from the sun and digital screens. Due to the increase in use of digital technology, our exposure to this harmful blue-violet light has also been increased. While long term effects of this blue-violet light are yet to be determined, we already know it contributes to visual fatigue, dry eyes and interrupting sleep patterns. Crizal Prevencia also has an E-SPF 25.

  • Crizal Sapphire UV - Known as ‘nearly invisible anti-reflection lenses’, Crizal Sapphire UV provides the best protection against reflections, regardless of the angle of the light. This improves visual comfort as well as the aesthetics of the lens. Crizal Sapphire UV also boasts the highest UV protection on both the front and back surface of the lens with an E-SPF of 35.

  • Crizal Prevencia Kids – Children typically spend 3x as much time outdoors than adults, and 1 in 4 children spend over three hours on blue-light emitting devices daily. This inspired Essilor to combine the best of the Crizal UV and Crizal Prevencia coatings to provide optimal protection for your child’s eyes, indoors and out. This coating is applied to a shatterproof Airwear polycarbonate lens which provides not only superior safety and durability, but is also 30% lighter and 20% thinner than standard plastic lenses.

Smart blue filter

Natural light is essential for our wellbeing, but some light we are exposed too can be damaging to our eyes. In particular, it is important to protect your eyes from too much UV light and blue-violet light. Our exposure to blue-violet light is increasing with modern technology and the use of digital screens which is potentially harmful to the eyes. Research has shown that blue-violet light contributes to visual fatigue, dry eyes and disruption of sleep patterns. The long-term effects of blue-violet light are yet to be determined, although it is thought that it may contribute to age-related macula degeneration which is one of the leading causes of vision loss in people over 60. Smart blue filter is a new everyday lens that helps manage the amount of blue-violet light that reaches your eyes. It gives natural colours through a perfectly clear lens with no visible yellow tinge or blue reflection. Smart blue filters are recommended for everyone and are available with Varilux, Transitions, Eyezen and Crizal lenses.

Specialised Lens Products

Eyezen Lenses

Eyezen lenses are designed for a connected life. In the modern world, we spend so much time on screens, that our eyes never rest. This can lead to visual strain and fatigue. Eyezen lenses are designed for everyone who uses a digital device on a daily basis, whether or not you need prescription glasses. Eyezen lenses have an enhanced lower portion of the lens containing a boost of plus power designed to ease eye strain caused by reading at close distances, such as with handheld devices. The lenses also filter out 20% of the harmful blue-violet light that is emitted from digital screens which allows for comfortable, relaxed vision in front of screens all day long. Eyezen lenses provide sharper, clearer vision with enhanced contrast in front of digital screens compared to standard single vision lenses.

Varilux Progressive Lenses

Varilux X series progressive lenses are arguably the most innovative and advanced progressive lens worldwide. With Essilor being the inventors of progressive lenses, they have used their vast experience and expertise to deliver a lens like no other. These lenses allow you to capture every detail within arms-length using breakthrough XTEND technology. This dramatically reduces head movements to find that ‘sweet spot’ to ensure high precision, more natural vision over all distances.  

The key features of Varilux lenses include:

  • SynchronEyes ™ - Clear vision from left to right and top to bottom.

  • Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement ™ - Sharp vision at any distance, even in low lighting.

  • 4D Technology ™ - Instant focus as your eyes move around.

  • Nanoptix ™ - No ‘swim’ effect (where peripheral vision can be slightly altered by the changes that occur at the edge of a progressive lens).

The highly proficient team of Optical dispensers at Rangiora Eyecare have been trained to assess your visual behaviour and obtain highly accurate measurement down to 0.1mm with the use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure your lenses are custom-made to suit your vision needs.

Xperio Polarised prescription lenses

Xperio polarised lenses are the best option for ultimate protection of your eyes while outdoors. The lenses eliminate blinding glare which is often reflected off smooth, flat surfaces such as roads, water, snow or sand. By reducing glare, this allows comfortable clear vision, improves reaction times and reduces potential hazards, particularly while driving. Xperio lenses provide glare elimination, natural colour enhancement, 100% UVA/UVB protection and superior scratch-resistance – a similar effect of an HD T.V compared to a standard display. Polarised lenses are even great on cloudy days, as 90% of UV rays can pass through clouds, therefore,  it is important to give your eyes the best protection with Xperio polarised lenses.

Rangiora Eyecare stock over 300 different styles of designer fashion sunglass frames that can be fitted with Xperio polarised prescription lenses, so unique style and individuality does not need to be compromised!

Safety lenses

Clear, comfortable vision is imperative to quality of life, as well as performance at work. Up to 25% of work place injuries involve the eyes, almost all of which could be avoided with appropriate personal protection. It is estimated that over 50% of workers need some sort of vision correction to adequately and efficiently perform their jobs, many of which are undiagnosed. If you perform any of the following tasks: sawing, chipping, grinding, drilling, sanding, welding, buffing, handling chemicals, casting, machining working in dusty environments or any other similar tasks with a risk of fragments or particles flying and impacting the eye, then safety glasses are vital for your protection.

Rangiora eyecare are proud to work with PSG eyewear (Prescription Safety Glasses Pty Ltd) to provide you a premier choice in safety prescription frames and lenses that are certified to AS/ANZS1337.6. PSG use a verifiable impact and quality assurance testing program and have received all required accreditation to ensure all safety glasses meet Optical Manufacturing Standards AS/NZS 150 21987. Each pair of safety glasses is custom made to each individual’s specific vision requirements and is accompanied by a certificate of compliance.

We have a large range of different styles to suit all face shapes and sizes. Our team at Rangiora Eyecare make sure all safety glasses are custom fitted to each patient to provide optimum comfort in all working conditions. Safety lenses are available as progressive lenses, single vision or bifocals with the option of transitions.

Designer Frames

Needing glasses is no longer just simply to help you see better, it is also a fashion statement that helps to frame your face which creates part of your identity. At Rangiora Eyecare, we stock a large number of bespoke designer frames to allow you to celebrate your creativity and individuality. Each person has a unique style and look and our dispensers have the flair and expertise to help you find the perfect pair of specs for you.

Come in and visit our showroom which boasts over 1500 different styles of optical and sunglass frames.

Low Vision Aids

Clear, comfortable vision is not always achievable with a simple pair of specs. For those patients that have more challenging eye conditions, sometimes visual aids can make a huge difference in making those simple day to day tasks easier. We strive to give everyone the confidence to maintain their independence which can often be achieved through devices such as hand held magnifiers, bar magnifiers, special T.V glasses, electronic readers and smart travel lamps. Your optometrist can guide you through products that may be helpful for you. Referrals can also be arranged to the low vision clinic at Burwood hospital, as well as the Royal Foundation of the blind for further support and assistance. 

Solutions & Accessories

  • Systane eye drops and lid wipes

  • Biontears

  • Theratears eye nutrition and eye drops

  • Hylofresh and Hyloforte eye drops

  • Blephadex and Sterilid foam and lid wipes

  • Contact lens solution including Opti-free, BioTrue, AOSept and Boston RGP cleaning solutions.

  • Macutec tablets

  • Head straps for glasses, including sports straps.

  • Fit-over and clip-on sunglasses