Our Services


Eye Health

• Retinal Photography
• Diabetic Retinal Screening
• Dry Eye Assessment & Therapy
• Visiting Ophthalmology Clinic
• Treatment of Eye Infections and Injuries
• Behavioural Optometry
• Computerised Visual Field Analysis
• Glaucoma Testing
• Drivers Licence Vision Testing
• Civil Aviation
• Authority Examinations
• Police Examinations
• Children’s Eye Examinations


Products & Services

• Prescription Spectacles & Sunglasses
• Designer Frames
• On Site Repairs
• Budget Frame & Lens packages
• Frame Approval Service
• Safety Eyewear
• Children’s Glasses
• Accessories
• Low Vision Aids
• Magnifiers
• Solutions & Accessories


Contact Lenses

• Soft Contact Lenses
• RGP Contact Lenses
• Toric Contact Lenses
• Multifocal Contact Lenses
• Complex Contact Lens Fitting

“I have been a customer of Rangiora Eye Care for 3 years. Over this time I have received exceptional service from the very welcoming and friendly staff. My examinations have been thorough and explained in language I have understood. My needs have been well and truly met. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company to others.”
— - Chris Leslie (Canterbury Hockey RPC Manager)